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For many frail, home-bound senior citizens in need, their pets are their family, their best friend, and their reason for getting up in the morning.

We get an alarming number of reports from our Meals on Wheels  volunteers that the seniors they deliver meals to are splitting their lunch with their pets because they can't afford dog or cat food. If they can't afford to feed their beloved pet, they certainly can't afford the high cost of vet care, including spay/neuter, vaccinations, heartworm preventative and treatment, dental treatment and other issues. 

The York County Council on Aging's Pet Buddies program raises funds to help these seniors with the cost of food and vet care for their pet. Just $25 will feed a pet for a month. $100 can often help defray the cost for expensive heartworm, dental or other treatment.

When a senior's beloved pet passes away, all too often the senior sees no reason to go on and things begin to decline.

With a proactive approach, many of these potential heartbreaks can be avoided.

You can donate online by clicking the button below, or send a check to:


PO Box 11519

Rock Hill, SC 29731

Please be sure to write Pet Buddies in the check's memo line.



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